• Cancer Prevention Check-ups

    Preventative health care is extremely important when it comes to gynecology. We provide careful examinations and a variety of modern diagnostic techniques.

    For inspections of the uterus, cervix, ovaries, bladder, and rectum, we perform palpation, high definition ultrasonography, sensitive pap examinations, magnified visual inspection, microscopy, and smear tests.

    Palpation of the underarm and high definition ultrasonography, if necessary or requested, are also available for breast cancer prevention. We will gladly advise you individually and determine a personal preventative program should there be any individual risks or genetic predisposition.


  • Pregnancy Counseling

    We offer parents-to-be our support throughout each stage of pregnancy up until birth and the days following delivery. In doing so, we take all individual particularities into account.

    Alongside standard check-up procedures in compliance with the German Maternity Guidelines, we also provide additional ultrasound (or 3-/4-D- ultrasound) diagnostics to detect potential developmental impairments or defects in early prenatal stages and to prevent any serious issues from arising.

    Blood and smear tests are available, as well (ex. to detect infectious diseases or early symptoms of gestational diabetes or vaginal infection).

    You’ll receive additional self-made information leaflets. We work together closely with midwives, physical therapists, and osteopaths to mitigate pregnancy-related discomforts and medical issues.

    Birth-planning occurs in consultation with the maternity hospital of your choice. If necessary, we can also put you in contact with counseling centers and pediatricians.


  • Consultation for Teenagers and Girls

    Since visiting the gynecologist for the first time is tough for all girls and young women, we take extra time and care for our teenage consulting. All questions regarding the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty can be casually discussed during appointments. We offer consulting on the topics of menstruation, feminine hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and preventative vaccinations in a calm and relaxed environment.

    We also handle questions or problems regarding sexuality with care. We take great care to answer all of your questions personally, kindly and with consideration. An examination is not necessary for each consulting appointment.

    All workers in our office are subject to the laws of professional discretion, which means that all matters will be handled confidentially.

    Please bring your health insurance card each time. If you are not comfortable coming alone, it is always possible to bring a friend or a parent with you.

    Age is not an issue. Whenever you feel the need to ask questions, call or write us an email to arrange an appointment.


  • Becoming Pregnant

    An unfulfilled desire to have children can give rise to several questions, anxieties, fears, and in some cases, despair, causing a great burden on affected women and their partners.

    Although the success of treatment is not one hundred percent guaranteed, we strive to give you hope and confidence.
    A thorough and modern diagnostic investigation allows us to quickly determine the cause of the unwanted childlessness, and if necessary, to introduce appropriate corrective measures.

    A comprehensive analysis of the patient’s hormones, living conditions, and dietary habits belong to the overall diagnostics just as much as special high definition ultrasound examinations, fallopian tube diagnostics, and a spermiogram of the partner. In addition, we also can offer you information about acupuncture treatment, psychological counseling, and approaches used in natural and Ayurvedic medicine.

    We will assess the results of all tests performed in a reposeful, personal meeting in which we work together with you and your partner to create a personalized treatment plan.


  • Hormonal imbalances and menopausal issues

    A woman’s hormonal balance plays an important role throughout her life. We provide answers for women in all life phases from puberty, becoming pregnant, pregnancy, to menopause.

    Many women consider menopause to be a drastic change in their lives. Affected women may also feel as though they’ve been left alone to deal with the several changes that occur, causing them to feel insecure. Menopause can affect everything from a woman’s emotional life, to her connective tissue, sexual desire, bodyweight, and bladder control. We gladly offer advice and support and work with you to find an appropriate method to alleviate and reverse the discomforts associated with menopause and to improve your wellbeing.


  • Incontinence / Urogynecology

    Many women suffer from bladder dysfunction, bladder or bowel incontinence, or prolapse of the genital organs. These issues often result in problems in one’s romantic or social life.

    Those women affected tend to socially withdraw themselves out of lack of knowledge or embarrassment, causing a drastic decline in their wellbeing.

    Get in touch with us and we will suggest a general, or if necessary, an operative treatment after a thorough examination.


  • Pediatric Gynecology

    As member of the German Association for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, I also focus on gynecological diseases, symptoms, and disorders in young and adolescent girls. An interdisciplinary cooperation between pediatricians and gynecologists, as well as with medics in related fields, like pediatric surgery or pediatric urology, is particularly important for this work.

    I kindly ask you to cooperate by calling us to arrange all appointments in this area ahead of time. To examine young ones, we need to be able to take our time and


  • Vaccinations


  • Consultation with a Midwife